Shipping Speed

To estimate when you get your order, add our fulfillment time (2 to 3 business days) to the shipping time.

Following are our average shipping times for different regions:

United States: Commonly 3-4 days.

United Kingdom: Commonly 2-3 days.

Canada: Commonly 6-10 days.

Germany: Commonly 3-6 days.

Norvay: Commonly 5-7 days.

Sweden: Commonly 5-7 days.

Poland: Commonly 4-7 days.

Finland: Commonly 5-7 days.

Italy: Commonly 5-7 days.

Russia: Commonly 7-12 days.

China: Commonly 8-12 days.

Latin America: Commonly 8-14 days.

Africa: Commonly 8-14 days.

Middle east: Commonly 8-11 days.

South east Asia: Commonly 6-10 days.

Australia: Commonly 12-14 days.

Ukarine: Commonly 6-9 days.

Romania: Commonly 7-9 days.

Czech Republic: Commonly 4-6 days.

Hungary: Commonly 5-7 days.

Serbia: Commonly 8-10 days.

Latvia: Commonly 2-4 days.